Alma Abonyi studied sculpture at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2011. The birth of the Alma Abonyi brand was preceded by two years of experimentation and planning: she had to become an artist employed as a sculptor, while retaining the characteristic shapes and materials, in a way that meets the needs of the target audience and the market. In the autumn of 2013, the Alma Abonyi premium accessory collection (handbags and jewelry) made its debut within the framework of the Budapest Design Week, along with the PHOENIX concept collection.

The Alma Abonyi premium bags hold a promise of lifelong and valuable experiences. They are both works of fine art and premium accessories – the perfect beauty and timeless simplicity, the innovative new technology and the traditional mood and values of manufacturing are mixed in the individual pieces. The epoxy resin and the high-tech carbon fabrics are less common in the fashion industry – this is one of the reason why these bags are unique. On the other hand there’s the contstruction. This is a timeconsuming process that combines several techniques. The production is very different from the traditional way of constructing a bag: first, the carbon fabric is laminated and formed by hand, and then several layers of resin and varnish are applied to ensure that the surface is bright and strong. The organic past meets the high end future.